BMW 518 Sedan E28 1983

BMW 518 E28 Sedan, bouwjaar 17 oktober 1983, 86.277 km’s, Bahamabeige metallic met bruin stoffen interieur (zeer netjes en schoon). In zeer goede staat en in een hele fraaie kleurstelling! Deze 5-serie is bijna wegenbelastingvrij (overgangsregeling), heeft een lage kilometerstand en rijdt super comfortabel! Belgische auto! In 2012 in NL geïmporteerd.

Handgeschakeld, extra rechter buitenspiegel, radio en centrale vergrendeling.

Onderhoudsbeurt net uitgevoerd, zoals bijvoorbeeld nieuwe olie en remmen. APK tot mei 2022.
Het is een 1.8 liter 4-cilinder benzinemotor met 90 pk (66 kW).
Gewicht: 1.125 kg.
Topsnelheid: 164 km/h.
Wegenbelasting: overgangsregeling.
Nieuwprijs in 1983 was: 13.650 euro.


“The E28 has a self-supporting body that is welded to the body platform. The passenger cell is a safety passenger cell with deformation elements both in the front and rear of the vehicle. Unlike its E12 predecessor and E34 successor, the E28 has a rear-hinged bonnet. The boot has a volume of 460 L. Most models have a fuel tank capacity of 70 L, with some models having a smaller tank of 63 litres. The kerb weight is 1,140–1,410 kg.

The glazing is made of single-pane safety glass, the windscreen has laminated glass.

The styling was developed under BMW’s chief designer Claus Luthe, with development of the E28 beginning in 1975. At the time that BMW was designing the E28, the company had only one computer, which was used for payroll management and spare parts logistics. Wolfgang Matschinsky and his team borrowed that computer to perform the calculations necessary to develop the new drivetrain and chassis. This was due to the fact that the addition of an ABS system necessitated a redesign from the previous model due to excessive vibrations under heavy braking.”

518: Sold only in some European markets where it suited local tax categories, the 518 was the lowest specification model which used a four-cylinder engine with a carburetor. Factory performance figures for the manual transmission cars are a top speed of 164 km/h (102 mph) and 0–100 km/h acceleration in 14.0 seconds.